About Us

Welcome to Sterlingandmore!

Sterlingandmore is an American leading Men's Fashion Accessories specialist stocking the best Mens Bracelets, Men's Rings, Men's Necklaces and Men's Jewellery range online. Basically, any accessories you can think of for men! We are now known as one of the best places to come if you are looking for aftermarket other Bands.

A unique American online store build just for men, Sterlingandmore was born from the need that all guys deserve a place to buy Jewellery online from a wide selection of Fashion Accessories. The range extends beyond our flagship range of Men's Bracelets and Necklaces to specialist Men's Wedding Rings in White Gold and combination metals, Dog Tag Necklaces, Tie Bars and cufflinks. We even have a growing range of Pendants.

At Sterlingandmore, you will find a range of quality Men's Jewellery specifically for Men available through a pleasant online shopping experience.

Founded in 2015 Sterlingandmore focuses on those finishing touches or the 'Sterlingandmore' you wear to complete your outfit. It's the nice set of cufflinks, the bracelet, unique watch strap for your apple watch or ring that gives you that difference.

"Our jewellery allows men to really individualise their fashion and feel amazing wearing it".

"We are a Mens Fashion Accessory Specialist. Our products make perfect gifts for men, be it for Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Guys Birthdays or most importantly, a gift for yourself."

Sterlingandmore is run by a small team of men's jewellery enthusiasts. We have eyes for individuality and style, masculinity and acute attention to detail. We've all found it difficult buying products and accessories to individualise and complete looks for different occasions. Remember, it's those 'Sterlingandmores' that make a difference to an outfit - you can either blend in with the crowd or be individual, express yourself and feel amazing in what you wear. See our Buyers Style Guides for useful tips about how to buy men's jewellery.

We provide an easy, user friendly and pleasant online shopping experience so you can enjoy finding something to complete your next look. Whether it be a unique piece of masculine jewellery like our popular skull beaded jewellery or a bracelet from our tough stainless steel range.

Keeping in-line with global trends on the latest Men's Jewellery, Sterlingandmore is continually expanding to offer you even more individuality through more unique Fashion Brands which have been all hand picked just for men! See our latest mens jewellery for our latest additions.

See Our Brands to learn more about the amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail put into our mens jewellery. We even hand test our new products before listing them. If we're not completely satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship of every single item, we won't stock it. We are 'making Grange' here at Sterlingandmore, and we can't afford to sell inferior fashion accessories and cheap jewellery.